R&R Quality Meats & Seafood is committed to serving our customers with only the finest cuts of beef available, at the best value possible. Our beef buyers have decades of experience selecting some of the best beef you'll find, from responsible and reputable beef producers.


The minimum standard for our beef is all natural, grass-fed, grain finished beef. This is beef that is minimally processed, and is tested to ensure it does not contain added hormones or antibiotics. Our all natural beef comes from cattle that has spent the majority of its life-cycle eating grass on pastures. Grain feed is introduced during the last few months before they're harvested. It is the grain feed that gives beef it's choice grade and marbling, resulting in the most flavorful, juicy, and tender cuts.


We also offer a line of fully USDA Certified organic, grass fed, grass finished beef, which meets the most stringent requirements. This beef comes from cattle that spends its entire life cyle eating grass on pastures. Ranchers are certified by the USDA to ensure all forage is never treated with pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Organic beef is never given growth hormones or antibiotics. Our pure grass fed beef is never fed grain, and is generally leaner than grain finished beef. Our primary supplier of organic beef is Sun Fed Ranch, which raises its cattle in Northern California.


R&R Meats takes great pride in producing fresh, flavorful ground beef. Every morning our ground beef, lean ground beef, extra-lean ground beef, and organic grass finished ground beef are made fresh. Multiple batches are ground thoughout the day to ensure your family gets the freshest product possible. We also offer bulk-buy discounts on ground beef if you're looking to stock-up. By any variety of our fresh ground beef in the 5-pound 'family packs' for a reduced price per pound.