Place an Order

Why place an order?

Many customers call ahead to have
their orders ready for pick-up. Placing
your order ahead of time has several

  • It gets you in and out faster, 
    especially if you have a large
  • You'll know if the items you want
    are in stock.
  • If you prefer, we can freeze your
    order for your convenience.

Before you call

We're more than happy to assist you
with selecting the cuts that best meet
think about before you call:

  • Which items do you want to
  • How much of each item? (How
    many people are you feeding?)
  • How would you like it packaged? 
    (1 steak per pack, 2Lbs. per
    package, etc.)
  • Bone-in, or boneless?
  • Any questions you might have.

How to order

  • Mention you would like to place
    an order.
  • Feel free to ask for suggestions
    or cuts, quantity, or cooking
  • You'll be asked for your first and
    last name, a contact number, 
    and the date/time you'd like to
    pick your order.
  • If after you place your order you
    decide to make changes or
    cancel, just give us a call.

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