R&R Quality Animal Processing 

We are a custom-exempt processor certified and inspected by the state to take in and process domestic beef, lamb and pigs, as well as wild game. Whether you raised the animal yourself, or spent days in the field hunting, we know you take pride in the animals you bring to us, and we take pride in processing them to the highest standards. When we take in your animal, you have our commitment to keeping it safe and sanitary. Our goal is always to process your game to meet or beat your expectations. Your game is never "mixed" with anyone elses, and none of it is ever kept as the "butchers" share. The animal you bring to us is the animal you'll get back.


Custom-Exempt Butchering & Wild Game Processing.

Domestic animals and wild game must be brought to us dressed and cleaned. We do not slaughter any livestock, but we can provide you with a contact. For wild game, you must have the tag, your hunting license and ID with you, no expeptions. Our records are inspected by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Upon your arrival we will tag your animal and take your specifications for how you'd like it processed. We will give you an estimated pick-up date and cost, and call as soon as it is completed.

The pricing below is only a guide. Pricing may be less or more under certain circumstances (example: you're only bringing in a quarter animal or boneless meat to be ground). Please call to get the most accurate estimate.



Animal cut into steaks/roasts, trimmings ground for burger or sausage:

Deer    $100.00 Any Size

Bear    $.95/lb ($100.00 min per animal)

Pig    $.95/lb ($100.00 min per animal)

Elk    $.95/lb ($250.00 min per animal)

Beef    $.95/lb ($500.00 min per animal)

Lamb     $.95/lb ($100.00 min per animal)

Additional Costs

Fatty Beef/Pork trim added to burger/sausage $1.99/lb.

Sausage Seasonings $10.00 per flavor (20lb Minimum per Flavor)

Brats/Summer Sausage $5.99/lb (20lb Minimum per Flavor)